POSTED ON June 14, 2017

2017 CrossFit Up Dog Summer Challenge Recap

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Another year is in the books for the Salt Games and CrossFit Up Dog Summer Challenge.

We had so many great athletes participate this year, and it was inspiring to see how hard each team worked in every WOD. There were some amazing performances in all the divisions!

In total, we had 100 teams participate this year!

With that many teams, this event wouldn’t be possible without the support from our volunteers and sponsors. We often say it’s harder to volunteer than it is to compete. These guys busted their butts for two-straight days out in the heat. Our team here at CrossFit Up Dog can’t thank those people enough.

It’s only been a couple weeks, but who is ready for next year? We’ve got some exciting news coming your way for next year’s competition, so be on the lookout this fall for some AWESOME news.

See you at the beach in 2018!

Fun Facts

$21,000 – The amount of money we gave away to the top three teams in each RX division. First place took home $6,000. Second place took home $3,000. Third place took home $1,500.

400 – The Number of athletes that participated.

7 – The number of states and countries represented. (Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Florida & Korea)

67,515 pounds or 33.75 tons – The amount of weight lifted across all divisions in Load It Up

74 – The number of miles run in Peddle & Push

400 – The number of Muscle-Ups completed in the Finals

15 – The lowest point total from the winners (Squats Then Shots, Scaled Female & Circle of Jerks, Scaled Male)

9 – The number of podium finishing teams from South Carolina

3 – The number of podium finishing teams from North Carolina

3 – The number of podium finishing teams from Georgia


Podium Finishers | Official Results

 Male RX

  1. Intensity | Intensity Strength & Conditioning | South Carolina
  2. Dudes with Day Jobs | Pee Dee CrossFit | South Carolina
  3. Brochachos | Pale Horse CrossFit | South Carolina

Co-Ed RX 

  1. JACT | CrossFit Electric City / CrossFit Clemson | South Carolina
  2. The Dream Team | CrossFit Growl | Georgia
  3. We’re Gonna Beach You | High Point CrossFit | North Carolina

Male Scaled

  1. Circle of Jerks | CrossFit Elect | Georgia
  2. CrossFit 1889 | CrossFit 1889 | South Carolina
  3. Xfit Underground | CrossFit Asperitas | South Carolina

 Female Scaled

  1. Squats then Shots | CrossFit Harrisburg | North Carolina
  2. Barbells For Butters | CrossFit Crescent Coast | South Carolina
  3. WODsmaids | Revelation Five5 Fitness | North Carolina

Co-Ed Scaled

  1. Derrick finally went full on CrossFit | CrossFit Clemson | South Carolina
  2. Hops & Hoes| CrossFit Asperitas | South Carolina
  3. Buns & Guns | CrossFit Elect | Georgia


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  • Moving home and having to find a new box was nerve wrecking but everyone at CrossFit Up Dog welcomed me with open arms. The staff is amazing and the classes are always a challenge! Everyone is so motivating and fun to be around. I couldn't have picked a better box on the beach to be apart of!

    - Leigh Schwartz

  • Core Fitness is an amazing work-out facility. The entire team of staff, coaches, and trainers are top-notch to say the least.

    - Russ Richardson

  • Crossfit has changed the projection of my life both physically and mentally. I owe my success to the crossfit community at Core that rallied around me and pushed me to success.

    - Katelyn Guild

  • CrossFit Up Dog is a place I can go to get a challenging workout with a great community that supports and encourages me in exceeding my goals.

    - Amy Shroff

  • CrossFit has changed the way I live my life. At Crossfit Up Dog I look forward to getting up and hitting the box, so I can see results day in and day out. I do not always meet my goals, but with CrossFit I have learned to appreciate progress – progress that is tangible.

    - David Neace

  • I began at Crossfit Up Dog in November, 2013. Over the last 16 months I've lost 60 lbs, completely transformed my health, broken through physical barriers I never thought were possible and gained more new friends than I can count.

    - Zach Brockman