What is crossfit?


Functional Movements, Constantly Varied, Executed at High Intensity.

The above is a “textbook” definition. You will find it in the CrossFit Handbook / Trainers Guide. Although, this is a great definition for CrossFit, your version will differ from mine, when we explain it in layman’s terms, whether you are an experienced Crossfitter or a novice. So let’s break down the definition.

Functional Movements: Things we do in everyday life that require multiple joints and compound movements. i.e. picking something up off the ground, putting something on a shelf, and something we all have to do, go to the bathroom. (squat on toilet)

Constantly Varied: Never the same thing. Day in and day out, it’s always changing High Intensity: The amount of energy expended during your exercise, maximum output. As fast as possible.

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Mechanics: How well your body moves during these functional exercises and getting the move down to precision.

Consistency: How often does your body move this well in a period of time? Constantly repeating the same movement with excellent mechanics.

Intensity: Once, you master the mechanics of the movement and the consistency (how many can you do) then we add Intensity. (How fast can you do it?)

Greg Glassman, (Founder of CrossFit, Inc.), was asked in an interview to explain or give a definition of CrossFit, he said “what are you doing tomorrow, wanna meet me at the gym at 3pm?” That is how you describe Cross

Find your own definition of CrossFit

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