POSTED ON December 30, 2019

VLOG | The one when we get a new coach

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The fellas finally made it back to Myrtle Beach and Kyle gives his review of CrossFit Up Dog’s new coach – David Neace. Have you had David as a coach? If you haven’t… he’s coaching Saturday morning!

POSTED ON June 14, 2017

2017 CrossFit Up Dog Summer Challenge Recap

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Another year is in the books for the Salt Games and CrossFit Up Dog Summer Challenge. We had so many great athletes participate this year, and it was inspiring to see how hard each team worked in every WOD. There were some amazing performances in all the divisions! In total, we had 100 teams participate […]

POSTED ON September 21, 2016

Obese to Fit: Treb’s Story

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“The doctor told me I was obese. I never wanted to hear that. I didn’t want to be that stat on the news.” What 19-year old wants to hear they are obese. Instead of sitting around and complaining, Treb Puglia decided to do something about…and boy has he. Treb is the first person in the […]

POSTED ON August 10, 2016

Pregnant & Still Doing CrossFit

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Some people make excuses as to why they can’t workout. Others just get to work – like Morgan Oland and Aly Knott. Morgan and Aly are both pregnant, but that hasn’t stopped them from working out. Heck, Aly is carrying twins and she still makes time for the gym every day. See how these two […]

POSTED ON July 11, 2016

Featured Dog: Dino Carugno

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If you’ve ever been in a class with Dino Carugno, you’e probably heard that Philly accent. Get to know one of the loudest dogs in the CrossFit Up Dog pound.

  • Core Fitness is an amazing work-out facility. The entire team of staff, coaches, and trainers are top-notch to say the least.

    - Russ Richardson

  • CrossFit has changed the way I live my life. At Crossfit Up Dog I look forward to getting up and hitting the box, so I can see results day in and day out. I do not always meet my goals, but with CrossFit I have learned to appreciate progress – progress that is tangible.

    - David Neace

  • I began at Crossfit Up Dog in November, 2013. Over the last 16 months I've lost 60 lbs, completely transformed my health, broken through physical barriers I never thought were possible and gained more new friends than I can count.

    - Zach Brockman

  • CrossFit Up Dog is a place I can go to get a challenging workout with a great community that supports and encourages me in exceeding my goals.

    - Amy Shroff

  • Moving home and having to find a new box was nerve wrecking but everyone at CrossFit Up Dog welcomed me with open arms. The staff is amazing and the classes are always a challenge! Everyone is so motivating and fun to be around. I couldn't have picked a better box on the beach to be apart of!

    - Leigh Schwartz

  • Crossfit has changed the projection of my life both physically and mentally. I owe my success to the crossfit community at Core that rallied around me and pushed me to success.

    - Katelyn Guild