Monday 04.02.2018

POSTED ON April 1, 2018

Monday | 04.02.2018

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Warm Up:
6/6 KB High Pull
10 reverse pass throughs
:45 plank
50ft crab walk
A1.) Strict Pull Up 5×5; rest :30-:45
A2.) Strict Dip 5×5; rest :30-:45
8min AMRAP
10 Dumbbell deadlifts 50/35
6 lateral burpee over DB
10 Dumbbell front squats 50/35
8min AMRAP
10 Dumbbell deadlifts 35/20
6 lateral burpee over DB
10 Dumbbell front squats 35/20
8min AMRAP
10 Dumbbell deadlifts 20/10
6 lateral burpee step over DB
10 Dumbbell front squats 20/10
  • Moving home and having to find a new box was nerve wrecking but everyone at CrossFit Up Dog welcomed me with open arms. The staff is amazing and the classes are always a challenge! Everyone is so motivating and fun to be around. I couldn't have picked a better box on the beach to be apart of!

    - Leigh Schwartz

  • CrossFit has changed the way I live my life. At Crossfit Up Dog I look forward to getting up and hitting the box, so I can see results day in and day out. I do not always meet my goals, but with CrossFit I have learned to appreciate progress – progress that is tangible.

    - David Neace

  • I began at Crossfit Up Dog in November, 2013. Over the last 16 months I've lost 60 lbs, completely transformed my health, broken through physical barriers I never thought were possible and gained more new friends than I can count.

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  • CrossFit Up Dog is a place I can go to get a challenging workout with a great community that supports and encourages me in exceeding my goals.

    - Amy Shroff

  • Crossfit has changed the projection of my life both physically and mentally. I owe my success to the crossfit community at Core that rallied around me and pushed me to success.

    - Katelyn Guild

  • Core Fitness is an amazing work-out facility. The entire team of staff, coaches, and trainers are top-notch to say the least.

    - Russ Richardson